Lately I have received many emails, especially about giving, where I hear disappointment speaking. Many people tell me how much seed they have given yet have seen nothing happen, this is disappointment and if allowed to remain will produce unbelief if it hasn’t already.

Disappointment will come to all of us but we have to be careful to get rid of it right away and to not allow it to breed unbelief. God works in an atmosphere of faith – not unbelief. Jesus said in Matthew 13 that He could do no MIGHTY works because of their unbelief.
If you have faced disappointments and challenges, I urge you to pray today and ask God to show you any areas where you are harboring disappointment or unbelief – if you have unbelief it is vital that you get rid of it – it is deadly to your faith in God and His word. Resolve all disappointment, ask God to heal you from all times of disappointment – unresolved disappointment or conflict hinders and often stop God from working in your life.