bird in snow

I want to honor God with something that symbolizes me giving to God; something that shows Him that He brings completeness to my life every single day. And I want that offering to be a fat one…I am starting to like the word ‘fat’ and I did not always like that word. A fat offering reminds me of a letter I once received with a donation from a partner; she said ‘Lord, I would never give you something that cost me nothing.’ I often think of that letter.

If this Holiday season compels you to give, seek Him about what He would have you give. For you a fat offering may be $1 or it may be $1,000. For you an abundant offering may be filling up someone’s car with gas or it may be giving a car. It is different for all of us – but if God speaks to you – and only then – let’s present Him with a sweet-smelling sacrifice.