If you stood in a boxing match and let the opponent hit you over and over and you just stood there and took it, you would be defeated, right? But, if every time he hit you, you hit him back, with God on your side, you would win the match. Just as you will win the match you are in today. You must hit back every time the enemy throws something at you. Don’t just stand there, hit back. Don’t just listen to him and meditate on his lies, hit back. How do you do that? With the Word of God, with scriptures, with prayer, with fasting, with walking in love, with tithing and giving. Hit him back – and hit him where it hurts. Ask the Lord how you can hit him where it hurts and begin to hit back. Don’t sit in the corner and whine and complain that the devil is beating up on you – he’s too small to accomplish that – and he doesn’t have that power. Stand up! Fight back and refuse to back off what you know is yours – with God on your side, you can’t fail.