Eccl. 11 says to sow your seed in the morning and don’t withhold your seed in the evening – this tells me that I have to keep sowing – and keep sowing – even while I am calling in my harvest from seeds I have sown in other seasons – even while I am watering the seeds in the ground right now.

I am fully persuaded that many have given up on their seed, and I don’t believe God wants us to give up on one seed we have sown, I believe He wants us to press in for a harvest on every single seed we have ever sown – I also believe we are in the time of harvest and that this is the reason God keeps talking to me about seed – we are pulling in our harvest, pulling in the results of ALL the seeds we have sown – and it is my prayer and my declaration that we have an awesome crop – beyond anything we have ever reaped before – it is our season to reap – call in your harvest with me – there is power in agreement, let’s agree for a great crop this year – Even this season! AMEN!0210birds1