Isaiah 9:7 – There will be no limits in the wholeness Jesus will bring you. (Message Bible)
Isaiah 9:7 – His government and peace will have unlimited growth. (GW)
Psalm 37:11 – God’s people will enjoy unlimited peace. (GW)
Isaiah 54:13 – Your children shall have unlimited peace. (GW)

As we see, throughout the Bible, we see there are no limits in God – it is entirely up to you how high you fly. THIS I KNOW. The anointing you carry is up to you – you only have to be able to receive instruction and obey – if you do these two things you can fly as high as you choose. Your finances are also up to you – again, all you have to do is listen and obey and your finances will be whatever you choose them to be. God has given us instruction for prosperity in His word – it is TRUTH – if you receive His instruction and obey His instruction, regardless of what your finances are right now…they can and will change.