When the enemy comes in and begins to form weapons against you – the last thing you want to do is react. Refuse to react. React means to ‘return an impulse.’ People who are in peace are not impulsive. Those who are trusting in God and believing in His word have no need to act impulsively where the enemy is concerned. Why? Because we have the assurance of His word that this weapon won’t prosper. And that’s enough. Remember when the devil came to tempt Jesus in the wilderness? Jesus didn’t react impulsively. He was hungry and weak but He simply responded with the word of God – the thing the devil can NOT stand against. He didn’t react and say “God, can’t you see I am hungry here, why are you letting him attack me now? Why is this happening to me?” No, He knew what the word of God said and that was His ONLY response.
CE6EP0 Winter snow, Kent, England, UK