God’s word plainly tells us that we are not to look at what we see to determine what we sow. We sow according to what is in the word of God and what is in our heart. This scripture says when we observe the wind, we will not sow. In other words if we look at what is going on around us or even in our own situation, we will not sow, and often it is out of fear. I am reminded of an instance in the New Testament where Jesus was walking on water and Peter said ‘Lord, if that is You, bid me come.’ Of course, Jesus said ‘come.’ And Peter walked on water, other than Jesus no man has ever walked on water besides Peter before or since. But the Bible says when Peter looked at the wind and the waves, he became afraid and he began to sink.
Christmas Berries
This is the same principle. If in our giving, we begin to look at the wind – we begin to look at our circumstances – we begin to look at our bank account, we become afraid and we begin to sink. The only way we can sink in our reaping is if we sink in our sowing or stop giving. The Bible says we will definitely REAP if we faint not.