I once heard a story about a woman who believed God for a house. God made the way for her to build her home. But after many attacks, she consulted with a minister and said, ‘Brother, the enemy keeps attacking, when I finish one room then something goes wrong with another room, then when I take care of that problem something else bad happens.’ ‘I don’t know what is going on’ she said ‘I told God it was His house and I don’t understand this.’ The minister replied ‘well, that’s your problem, God gave you the house and you keep giving it back to Him, therefore it has no owner.’ ‘When no one has ownership the enemy can come in and do whatever he pleases, as he has done with your house.’ Wow!

That was revelation to me! What did the woman do? She took possession of the home God had given her with her words and the enemy no longer had a right to attack. She completed the building of her home and enjoys the home God gave her._DSC0341

Friends, God gave us abundant life. He gives us the power to get wealth. Take possession of your finances with your words and complete the mission before you! Enjoy the prosperity available to you from the Lord!