Jesus told Peter that the enemy had come to sift Peter, but Jesus had prayed for him that his faith would NOT fail. Peter’s faith didn’t fail. Jesus has sent up that same prayer to the Father for you – that your faith will not fail. It will bring you through to the other side. Do exactly what my pastor said, ‘Don’t look at the conditions – simply hold your position.’ Hold your position.
What is your position? Standing on the word of God. Believing God, refusing to listen to the enemy. Holding fast to the promise of God. That is your position. Now – get in position and remain steadfast on the promise God has given you – remember, this is your year of fulfillment. Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean it isn’t right before your face. I once heard someone say that 98% of people who fail, were days away from success – if only they hadn’t quit. You may be seconds away from fulfillment – don’t stop now – hold your position!