What do you see when you look at your circumstances? Do you see giants standing in the way of your promises and decide to just stay where you are instead of pressing to what God has promised you? Or do you see that the God who is on the inside of you is greater and more than able to defeat any and all giants in your way?

In both instances, the children of God were afraid of what they saw and what they heard. The giants hadn’t laid one finger on them, they simply feared what they heard and saw. The enemy works the same way today. His only weapons are words (lies) and making things look worse than they are. He has no power, none, to keep you from your promises. He can only lie and deceive.

Don’t give into the lie. Look past those giants and see that great promised land through the eyes of faith and declare as David did ‘who are you to come against me, a child of God, this day my God will surely deliver you into my hand.’