This week I was asked this question;

‘What if you do something very wrong, and you repent, but it won’t go away, it’s still there? The circumstances are still there?’

That’s easy; circumstances are subject to change when the word of God is applied. But if you do have to walk through some circumstances – it doesn’t change the fact that we have a promise of a good (1)

And this one thing I know: You can have a peace that passes understanding through any circumstances, if you will only keep your mind stayed on God. That’s why the enemy tries to convince you that you have really blown it this time, He knows that God is a God of love and mercy ~ something he never tasted of and he doesn’t want you to either. But, His mercy is new for you today. Why don’t you receive it and walk in the newness of all He has promised to you. Circumstances don’t change God’s plan and purpose for you unless you allow them to. Instead, allow the same circumstances to catapult you to the next level? How do you do that? Simply believe what God says, forgive yourself and trust Him to turn it for your good.