I believe that the harvest is ripe, for many of us. Ripe and ready to be picked. So, what do you do? If this message is jumping in your spirit, ask God how you bring your particular harvest in. He will show you, but I can promise you, it will be work. We have a choice. We can respond, ‘I am tired.’

Or we can respond, ‘okay, God, I am tired, I have worked hard a long time, but Your grace is more than enough for me, so if You are telling me to go at it with all I have within me, I must have more within me than I thought, so I am going full speed ahead in Your strength.’ The latter is the one I choose. I have never been so busy, some hours it seems I work from daylight until dark, but that’s okay, its harvest time and I refuse to let my crop die on the vine. I am a sower, a farmer, if you will; I am going to be out from daylight until dark if necessary to bring in my harvest.images