The Bible talks about two seasons, seedtime and harvest; you will find it in Genesis 8:22. Seedtime of course, is when you are sowing your seed, scattering your seed, getting it in good ground. The other season, the one we are in now, is harvest season. Harvest season is work. It’s not the time to sit around and eat the abundance that has come into your life…no that comes after harvest. And here is where I think some of us have missed it. When we are in harvest time, we think we are supposed to sit and wait for it to come into our lap. If you choose to do that, let me tell you what will happen. Your crop, that abundant harvest the Lord of the Harvest has prepared for you, will rot. It will die on the vine and be of no good to you or anyone else. Again, I say, harvest is work.

It is not time to stop and sit down. Come on, get out there and bring in the harvest. You have spent time sowing seed, scattering seed, working and confessing the Word and believing what God says above everything else, don’t stop now. This is the final push – go out and bring it in.images (3)