white tulips
The way we first receive Jesus is the same way we are to live each day, in total faith, complete dependence on Him. He is the Light. We don’t have to always fight the darkness, we simply need to run to the Light. You may be in a dark place, but the minute the light comes on it dispels the darkness, right? It is the same way with Jesus. He is the Light, when we run to Him, the darkness is swallowed up in the Light.

Often we struggle with our imperfections, our weaknesses. We spend years trying to change. We spend years being angry about things we can’t change, none of that helps. Simply bring the Light into the situation by running to the Light.

If you have made bad decisions concerning money, or if you are struggling financially or with debt, run to the Light, ask Jesus, your Provider to show you the way out. He will. He cannot deny Himself or His word.