When you look at you finances, everything you see with your eyes may tell you that things are impossible. What you see may tell you that it is over and you have lost – but that is irrelevant in this place where you are standing. The only thing that has any relevance here is God’s word and what He has said to you. Stand steadfast in that hope. All things are possible with God. Absolutely nothing is impossible with God. When you are standing with Him – you are standing in the right place, don’t move.
Let me say this; perhaps in your situation, it feels like it’s over. And you feel there is nothing left to fight for. I will say this – it’s never over until God declares it over. Remember Ezekiel? The Lord said to Ezekiel ‘can these dead bones live?’ And he told Ezekiel to prophesy to the bones. Ezekiel did as God commanded and the bones did live! Your answer is not far from you – it’s in your mouth – that’s what the Bible teaches us. It’s time for you to begin to prophesy to your situation – command it to live! Command lack and debt to go, in Jesus name. It’s time for you to stand up and fight for what God has already said is yours. Refuse to settle for less when you know in your heart God has provided more for you. Refuse to grow weary and give up. Stand on the promise when others would sit down and give up. Let nothing and no one dictate your future except God and His word. Speak the word of God and prophesy to your enemy and declare to him, THIS DAY WE FIGHT, this day we defeat every enemy and come out with the victory that has already been purchased for us, THIS DAY WE DECLARE VICTORY