spring sunsetAbout 75% of the prayer request I receive daily are for a financial breakthrough. It seems much of the body of Christ is living in lack, and it should not be so. Jesus went to the cross, delivered us from the curse and made it final there – it was completed at the cross. He also took our poverty that we might have His wealth. That’s pretty plain. Then why is much of the body of Christ living in lack?

I believe Matthew 6:33 says it all; seek first His kingdom and His way of doing things – then and only then – will these things you have need of be added to you.

We have to seek God and His way of doing things. We can’t live under the blessings of God without living by the principles of God. Your finances can’t be blessed if you are not doing what God says do with your money. Do you know that one meaning of sowing is to become pregnant? I thought that was very interesting – when you sow a seed for something, you become pregnant with that something. I have become pregnant with many things over the years as I sowed and then I have given birth to those promises. That’s one of Gods ways of the kingdom of God. When you sow the word of God you are literally becoming pregnant with that word and you will bring it to the time of birth – and you will give birth to your promise. It’s one of God’s principles – apply it today and watch everything change.