‘God, I worship You with my offering. I refuse to give You something which cost me nothing’, read the note with a donation I received.

It was a short and simple note but it grabbed my heart. It was King David who first said in 2 Samuel 24:24 that He would not give his God something that cost him nothing. The letter I read from one of our readers spoke volumes, I knew this offering had cost her something.

It made me think of how flippantly I had thrown an offering in the plate in the past, thinking little about it. I had not always worshipped God with my offerings. I only did that when I was in crises and I sowed a seed that cost me something. That’s what this note reminded me of. From that moment on, I have always tried to remember my giving, my offering to the Lord, is a form of worship, and often a sacrifice. I worship God with my tithe and offerings. Kenneth Copeland says to always present it as a form of worship. It has changed my attitude on giving and it increases my faith. I wouldn’t give any other way.