Ever read a book or hear a message about someone who fasted 7 days and God gave them a breakthrough in their finances? So, then you fast 7 days and see nothing. The only thing that happened was disappointment.

God had led them one way but perhaps He wasn’t leading you that same way. You see, if we try to do it someone else’s way, it becomes a formula, and God is not a formula. He will not be put in a box. Look through the Old Testament or even the New Testament, He gave Joseph a dream but He didn’t give David a dream, He put David on the back side of a sheep pasture.

You have to walk your own path, the one God has laid out for you and you alone. You can’t be a carbon copy of anyone else, God created you as an original. Ask Him. Wait on Him. Follow His lead and walk your own path. I will leave you with this: Instead of following someone else’s path, go instead where there is no path and make one. God always makes a way and will speak to you if you ask!Daisy