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I read a lot of prayer requests, many of them are about finances. Let me ask you – do you have a right to a seven fold return? (Proverbs 6:31) Have you lost a job? Have you lost money on investments? Has the enemy stolen something from you? Whatever it is, he owes you a seven fold return. But he doesn’t have to pay if you don’t stand on that word and demand it.

No doubt, through one circumstance or another, the enemy has stolen your money – you have a covenant right to demand a seven fold return – it’s up to you. If you demand it and stand on it, he has no option but to restore it. And the Bible says even if he has to give his entire house. Demand what is yours. It’s biblical. Demand he restore – he is the one who has to return it, not God. He is the thief and he must restore. But…it’s up to you.