The other day the Lord had led me to sow a seed. I had immediately written the check and placed it in an envelope and put it in my purse to mail. I knew that it was a seed God told me to sow and I knew it would produce a harvest. I began to call in the harvest of that seed. I did that for a few days.

About three days later, I was thinking about that seed and I realized I had changed purses and left that envelope in the side pocket – so I retrieved it and sent it off. As I was doing that I thought ‘well, the Lord would have surely honored that seed, He knew I wrote it out and got it ready and intended to send it, my heart was right.’ Then the Lord spoke to me and said ‘does a seed not planted produce anything?’ I realized I was off track and trying to justify my actions – a seed not planted produces nothing. If you have a dozen bags of seed and never plant them, it stands to reason that you will never have a harvest.

I have always found the process of giving and receiving to be very relevant in my own life. If God is trying to get something to me, He always has me to sow a seed before I see my harvest. I don’t know why and frankly I have not questioned it, I have just come to know it is a truth in my own life.