When the enemy says, ‘God is not going to help you come out of debt, you got yourself into it, and you will have to get yourself out.’ Don’t react by becoming depressed and thinking… ‘Well, I did, he’s right.’ Whether he is right or wrong has nothing to do with it, you are covered in the blood now, you have a covenant with Almighty God, Jehovah Jireh, your provider – get your emotions out of it and respond with the Word of God. Respond and say, ‘Yes, devil, I got myself into this but my God is faithful, I have repented, I am a tither and a giver, and my God supplies all my needs and I owe no man anything but to love him. I am standing on God’s word and I will overcome by the word of my testimony and the blood of Jesus.’Humingbird Sees an Intruder