pink spring

We have a promise! The Bible says when the thief is found, he must restore, even if he has to give ALL the substance of his house.

Satan is the thief and he must restore everything he has stolen from you. He is counting on the fact that you may not make it to the end of the battle. But the greater one lives in you and you will make it if you will only continue to stand. I know the battle gets hot – trust me – I am speaking from experience. But I have seen the other side, I know also that my God is faithful and the enemy has no power over me or my life. I know that if I continue to run toward the enemy – God will put whatever I need in my hand to utterly destroy him. Then it will be with me as the Bible says it will ‘this affliction will not arise a second time.’ Why? Because I stayed in the battle – I let patience have it’s perfect work – I didn’t give up before it was over – and neither will you.