God is not mocked – whatsoever a man sows that and that only shall he reap. Years ago, actually over 20 years ago, I had a desire to work from home and have a job that worked entirely with the word of God – I simply wanted to be surrounded with the word of God daily. The Lord led me to sow a seed for that desire. In a short time, I was working from home, doing newsletters and things for ministries. That work eventually led to what I am doing today.

My point is; since I sowed that seed, I have only worked with the word of God – I have worked at nothing else since. When you sow a seed as God leads you to – it produces a great harvest.
One day the Lord asked me a question; He said ‘if I sow a seed for a tree, what will I get, what will you see?’ I said nothing because I knew He was showing me a revelation. I kept silent and He said ‘most people will see a tree, I see a forest.’

That is what I saw from the seed I sowed that day for my desire – a forest. That seed, so many years ago, has continued to produce a harvest for me for over 20 years. That my friend, is a mighty seed that continues to produce.DSC_1900