If we look around us, lack is prevalent in what we see. As for me, I am going to increase my giving in this time. I am going to show the enemy that I know the way out – it is through God and His principles. I am going to put some pressure on my harvest by giving. I am going to stand firm on what God has said concerning my finances – He will not allow His people to decrease, that’s me.

We can’t out-give God – God is not experiencing lack, I can assure you of that – there is no lack in Him – only prosperity and wealth beyond your imagination – tap into that – sow a seed in this season and demand a hundred fold return in the SAME SEASON. Or do like the widow woman, share your food and demand provision for your entire family throughout this season. But, don’t, whatever you do, don’t react in fear. It gives place to the enemy – don’t allow him any place in your life.

Whatever you have been doing for God – increase it. Stretch your faith. Show this world who the church really is. That we really are BELIEVERS of His unfailing word.