I recently heard that churches were in trouble because church members have stopped tithing and giving due to the reports of the economy. This grieved my spirit. What goes on in the world should never affect what God has told us to do. He told me that many churches are no longer able to give outside of the church to the homeless and others in need because they don’t have it. He told me about a large charity that has been around for 100 years may have to close its doors to the homeless and hungry because people have stopped giving.

With all that being said let me remind you who we are.
Isaac sowed in the land of famine and reaped a hundredfold in the same season. When Elijah was sent to the widow woman in famine, he commanded her to give her last meal, that precious meal that she gave, caused her to receive revelation from the man of God and she did what he said and her and her family ate and all their bills were paid during the entire time of famine. Don’t stop giving – it is giving that will cause you to come through this season more prosperous than before. You may think that is impossible – but it is more than possible. Jesus paid at the cross, with His very life, so that you could walk in prosperity – not when times are good but at all times.
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