If something has come into your life that is stealing your peace, stand up and confront it. Take authority over it, tell it that you will stand and hold on to your peace, no matter what the cost. Perhaps the enemy has sent a person to combat you and bring war into your life – the person, as we know, is not the enemy – but you must fight this in the spirit and ask God to give you the wisdom to fight it in the natural. He will. He says that He trains our hands for war. He will teach you to fight for what is yours.
The word of God says that we will dwell in a peaceable place and in quiet resting places. Are you walking in peace today? Is your place of rest quiet? If not, the thief has come – fight him off and demand a place of peace, in your home, in your work, in your relationship and in your soul. Remember, Jesus gave you His peace, His tranquility of soul – hold on to that promise.
War is not fun. A fight is never what is desired, but sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes peace only comes after war.