I encourage you today, if you are not seeing progress in your prayers, check your heart, ask God if there is something He has told you to do that you didn’t do. If there is, fix it – it will only bring peace.

One day, I was driving home from a meeting far from my home and the Lord spoke this to me, ‘go back to where you missed it.’ I realized in a moment that I had gotten into fear and made a decision, a wrong decision, a wrong move. That day I began to turn around and go back to where I missed it and made the right decision and the right move and peace returned. So you see, it is never too late. Even if you feel God has told you to do something and you went the opposite way – you can still go back and reach the mark. He is ever merciful – His mercy is new every morning. He wants you to hit the mark more than you want to. He wants to shower you with blessings more than you want to be showered with them.