We have heard all year that it is harvest time for the body of Christ – but if we don’t cast our nets, we will not bring in a harvest. I know many of you are weary and feel you have already done all this – so had Peter – but he gave it one more shot and I am certain he and his friends were glad he did. The word of God works – it will not fail. If you send the word of God after your harvest, your harvest will be drawn to that word. There is no shortage of harvest.

There is no shortage of prosperity in the Kingdom of God. There is only a shortage of people who will launch out into the deep one more time. There is only a shortage of people who will declare ‘nevertheless, at Thy word!’

This is your moment, your nevertheless moment, what will you do with it? Will you launch out into the deep? Will you trust God’s unfailing word? As for me, I am in the deep and casting my net – expecting a huge haul – as His word said. My prayer for you today is that you will launch out one more time – continue to trust His word and bring in your haul – a haul so large that it not only blesses you but also blesses many others as well.