Every day, a hundred times a day, you have the ability and power to choose life or death, hate or love. Especially in the little things. For instance, if a co-worker snaps at you, you have the power to choose to snap back or return with a gentle and kind answer. Remember a gentle answer turns away wrath. People may snap at you, but nine times out of ten if you come back with a gentle answer it will immediately turn the situation around. Here’s another example; It’s lunchtime and you are choosing between a Big Mac and a healthy salad. Which will produce life to your body? The healthy salad of course. But, it’s your choice.

Now, it’s the same with deciding if we are going to walk in our God given authority over our enemy or not. You can choose today to stop him in his tracks. How? By saying what the Bible says about your situation. By refusing to give him place, by staying in the peace of God, and by walking in love.