Refuse fear. When the enemy says he is taking you out this time, refuse fear and declare that your promise will come to light and it will be perfect and whole, lacking nothing. The enemy will fight you because he knows once the promise is born, you can’t be stopped. The greater one lives on the inside of you. This is not the time to give in, it’s the time to press in. Nothing matters here except standing on the word of God and holding your peace long enough to see the promise fully formed and born. Speak the word of God over your promise. Refuse to move. You can win with peace in one hand and the word of God in the other. I have always known that peace was powerful, but in this place, just before birth, peace becomes an aggressive weapon that will win the war. If he can’t steal your peace, he can’t take your promise. You have the word of God on it.

I encourage you today, no matter what is going on, no matter what it looks like, hold onto peace. Stay in peace. Quote scriptures concerning peace over you and your situation and may the God of Peace envelope you today with His peace that passes understanding. Then look out, a baby, a miracle is coming!
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