During the times when you seem to have everything under control, don’t let up on your prayer life. The more you pray during easy times, the quicker you will come through the hard times. Why, because you are spiritually prepared. It won’t catch you off guard. God said if we would call on Him he would answer us and show us things we don’t know, show us things to come. If you are communing with God on a daily basis the enemy won’t be able to catch you off guard. You will be able to see what is coming down the path as you learn to communicate with God. You’ll not only see it coming but God will tell you what to do to stop it or move through it victoriously and quickly.
Just as in any relationship – communication is the key. I urge you, especially during the times we are living in, communicate with God – keep the lines of communication open by spending time in the presence of God. It will change your life, your family, your circumstances and give you a peace beyond comprehension. More prayer – more power and more peace! You will become a person the enemy won’t even want to mess with, if you will only pray. And one more thing – when you pray and your breakthrough comes bursting forth – don’t stop. Keep doing what you were doing to get your breakthrough – keep praying – keep communicating. Often people will get their prayers answered and then stop everything. Stop praying, stop giving, stop praising and when they stop the enemy comes in. So, don’t stop. Make your life a life of prayer – as you do – God will make your life a life of power and peace.