You may be thinking, ‘you don’t know what is going on, you couldn’t possibly have peace in my situation.’ Not true. God said that have a peace that ‘passes understanding.’ This means that you may not think you can have peace and you may not understand how a person could have peace – but it is still possible – because it passes your understanding. I found this peace when my father lay dying of cancer. He only seemed to have peace when I sat by his side and sang to him. I had to pray for tremendous peace to be able to do that as I watched my father dying. I didn’t feel like walking in peace at that point – I felt like breaking down, like asking God – ‘why? You are the Healer, what is happening?’ But I didn’t. I chose to trust God and walk in peace. Because I did, I was able to help my sisters through a difficult time. I couldn’t understand how a person could have had peace at that time – it was the peace that surpassed my understanding and it had power in it to take me through.P1120051