Remember the disciples in the boat, Jesus had said, ‘we are going to the other side.’ However, when they were in the middle of the ocean a great storm arose out of nowhere. They were frightened and woke Jesus up. He called them faithless, rebuked the storm and commanded peace, and peace came. Where did they end up? Just where Jesus said, on the other side.
cross sepia
If Jesus has told you that you are going to the other side or placed a dream in your heart, I can assure you that if you refuse to quit, you will arrive exactly where He said you would. You may wonder ‘how, could I possibly do that?’ Just as Abraham did, consider not the circumstances. Don’t look at the things around you that are screaming at you, look to His word, look to His promise. What did He tell you? Fix your eyes upon that one thing. Be single minded, don’t believe God one day and doubt the next. Set your heart to trust God. Some days you may have to say, ‘God, I choose to trust you today, although it looks impossible, I know with You all things are possible if I can only believe, therefore I choose to believe and I choose to remain in peace.’