Spiritual Inventory questions to ask Yourself before answering the question “Is Jesus Lord of my life?”

Is Jesus is really Lord over my mouth? Is He the one who controls the words that come out of my mouth all the time? If He is Lord over my mouth then I won’t be involved in slander, or gossip, or foul language, if He is Lord of my mouth, only things that are fruitful and true will come out of it. Is He Lord of my money? Is He the Master over my tithe? Is He the one who gets to decide when I give and what I give? If He is Lord of my finances, then He has full and complete control over my finances. Is He Lord of my body? Is He the one whom I choose to please with what I put in my body? Is He the one who gets to decide if I eat well and exercise? Is He the one who gets to decide that my body is holy and set apart unto Him? You see, friends, if He is Lord, if He really is Lord then He decides everything. He decides what goes on in your life, what comes out of your mouth, what goes in your ears, what takes place in your home, how you treat your spouse, what you do with your money, and everything else in between. Is Jesus your Lord? Is He really? If there is any area of your life that you are in control of, if so, then you have become lord of your own life – there is no blessing there – the blessings is evident when and where Jesus is Lord, make certain that He alone is LORD. (motivation archives excerpt)

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