Recently, I saw a picture online that caught my attention. It was simply words. It said, “What You Did Today Was Enough.”

It reminded me of conversations I often have with my daughter.

In a recent conversation, she shared with me how she had been cleaning and working all weekend long but had not finished her kitchen cleaning yet. Not once did she mention the things, she had completed in those two days. She simply fretted over the one thing she didn’t finish.

I understood exactly how she felt. I will often go into the office early and work. I work hard to get my writings done. I remain diligent until all paperwork is caught up, emails answered, and prayers are sent out to partners. By days end I have accomplished a great deal. Yet, the thing that remains on my mind, is the one thing I may not have completed.

I think this is a problem many of us face. Falling short. Or feeling we have fallen short.

If most of our house is clean, we fret about the one room we didn’t get to. If we eat good all week long, we worry about the day we had two cupcakes. If our kids get all A’s and one B, that one B seems to capture our attention more so than all the A’s they made. Falling short, we all feel it.

Yet, falling short is only a concept in our mind. One that needs to be changed.

On days you feel you are failing or falling short, refuse to look at all that is left undone. Instead, acknowledge all the things that were accomplished. Instead of looking at all the things you are doing wrong, look at all the things you are doing right.

If you begin to do this, you will have a much more peaceful life. However, don’t let this stop with you, pass this way of thinking on to your children.

Instead of looking at all the places they are falling short, acknowledge and celebrate all the things they are doing right. Offer more compliments than criticism. It will be life changing for them. You will see the difference it makes in their attitude. Words, good words, release life. As you remind children of their accomplishments, you are releasing life into them.

Life is filled with so many good things, but we fail to see them if we are focused on the negative.

We may have many wonderful accomplishments, but we won’t see them if we are only looking at our shortcomings.

The good news is we can renew our minds. We can change this detrimental way of thinking. Not only for us, but for our children and grandchildren.

Philippians 4:8 says, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think on these things.”

Once we begin to focus on the goodness of God, the negative will fall away. We only need to train our minds to think on good things.

Today, as you go about your day, refuse to focus on what you did not finish. Instead, set your mind and thoughts on your accomplishments. Do not look at your shortcomings, celebrate your achievements.

Instead of beating yourself up for what you didn’t do, thank God for all He helped you do. Whatever is good and lovely…think on that. Remember, what you did today…it was enough.

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