“Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth.” Isaiah 43:19

Months ago, I wrote a motivation about pressure and how the enemy will attempt to put pressure on you. Not really an attack, just pressure. And while it is very true that the enemy will often put pressure on Gods people, there is another pressure I want to talk to you about today.

I once read a statement that said pressure is your friend if it causes you to push. This statement reminds me of giving birth in the natural. A woman carries a miracle inside of her for nine months. She knows at the end of those months, a baby will come forth. All her dreams and hopes will be realized at the end of her time. You see, the baby must stay inside the mom until time of delivery. This keeps the baby safe and allows it to grow and develop everything it will need to thrive in the world that it is being born into.

After many months, that little miracle, a baby, comes forth. However, it doesn’t generally come forth easily – especially the first child. One reason is the mom doesn’t really know what is going on and doesn’t know how to help the birth go smoothly. Often a mother-to-be will fight the natural process of giving birth. She may even fight it by not cooperating with what the doctors are telling her to do.

Most of us are aware that there is a time when the doctors will say don’t push. Why? Because the baby isn’t yet ready to come out. However, inevitably the time comes when they will declare ‘push!’ That’s where I believe we are right now in the spirit – time to push.

You see, over the past several months, there have been miracles growing and forming and becoming mature on the inside of us – in the spirit – and it is time for them to come forth.

Over the past week, I have been feeling a pressure, but not a pressure from the enemy, a spiritual pressure. A pressure that tells me that something big is about to break through and I need to push. I have walked with the Lord for many years, and I have birthed many things in the spirit however, something in me, my spirit knows that this is very different. It is of a different magnitude. Therefore I find myself on edge at times.

I know delivery is coming; I have God’s Word on it. His Word says in Isaiah 66:9; ‘Shall I bring to time of birth and not cause delivery?’ God is saying that there is no way He will bring you to this point and walk out on you. To cause delivery means that He will act and assist you as a midwife.

What does a midwife do? They check the mom and the baby at all times and let you know when it is time to push and when that baby is coming through the birth canal. They assist you throughout the delivery and once that delivery is complete, they clean that baby off and hand it to you. That’s what God has promised and will do.

Another scripture that I feel relates to this time in God is found in Isaiah 37:3, it says once the time of delivery came, they had no strength to give birth. I see many of the Body of Christ in this very position, it is time to give birth, but they have no strength to carry it out. The enemy has attempted to weary us to the point that at the very end of this thing, we don’t have the strength to bring forth the delivery.

If that is you and you find yourself weary from the time and effort and conflicts that it has taken to bring this thing to fruition – to full term – I encourage you today to pull strength from deep within and find the strength you will need to bring forth delivery. God said when you are weak, He is strong. I know that to you true. There are times when I don’t feel I can battle or stand another day, but He always strengthens me to press on.

We are in a time of pressing my friends, but not a time of pressure from the enemy. A time to press and see our miracles come to the light. To see our miracles come successfully through the time of birth and delivery. And God is here to assist us and act as our midwife. He will cause it to come forth. All we have to do is stay sensitive to His voice, to listen and to obey quickly. Whatever He says do, do it.

One last thing I want to remind you of today. In birth and delivery, there is a time to push and a time to rest – both are vital. Push when He says push. However, when He says rest – then rest. Rest in Him. Take your rest. As you do that, you will have the strength to make it through this time of delivery and see all He has promised you.

This I know from experience – the birth of a baby is always so much more wonderful than you can imagine and that single moment in time brings you pleasure and fulfillment for the rest of your days. So it is with giving birth to your miracle in the spirit. Remember that. And push.