It is Finished



Dear Partner,

Wow, this year is flying by! I can’t believe we are in July – yet here we are. So much has happened already this year, hasn’t it? Things seem to be imploding in our nation – but God has got this, and He is going to do great things for His people – that is you and me!

I have shared this many times before, but I am going to share it again. A few years ago, I began to align myself with the Jewish months – in doing so, in recognizing and pressing into those months, I feel it has changed some things in my life. This month we are in Tammuz – a month to keep your eyes on the prize – for us, the prize is Jesus Christ! It’s a time to keep our eyes on Him. While watching Glory of Zion’s Tammuz celebration, a couple powerful words were given. I want to share them with you today. Especially the one about seeds…

This is a month to keep our eyes on the prize! How we express our worship and press toward the destiny God has chosen for us is critical in Tammuz. Yesterday’s Firstfruits Celebration broke open a sound to prepare the way of the Lord. The roar of the Lion of Judah is being heard in the earth, and we want our steps to be aligned by His voice:

“I Am straightening out some things that have grown crooked, and I Am causing things to be rearranged. I need certain things to be rearranged so I can use the supply they have blocked from flowing. This will be a month of rearranging and straightening out things that got tangled in other seasons. As you get louder, I will create a straighter path. This will be a loud month and will cause Me to make your way straight!”

“Don’t shy back from the noise that comes your way, for I have a sound in you that cuts through noise! Don’t back up! Press into the confused noise, for that confused noise is what’s stopping things from coming into place on your behalf. Press in! Sound the sound from the instrument I have put within you and your way will accelerate! Don’t think you’ve won any war yet for what you’ve done is expose the battle ahead. Now, it is how I rise up in you that will make the way straight!”

Allow the Lord to rise up within you in the month of Tammuz. Allow your worship to be brilliant and do not forfeit your future for misplaced affections. I declare you will allow the Lord to rise up within you and that you will be passionate in praise with the sound He has placed within you.

 We never want to underestimate the power of the seed!

In Elaine Priestley’s tongue message, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say:

“Many have seen wreck and ruin and focused on that wreck and ruin. But when those parts that were scattered fell into the earth, I already had a seed plan. I began to reseed what came from wreck and ruin and when I began to reseed it, I created plows that will go through the earth and cause an opening for the springing forth. You watch now for what springs forth for things will start springing up, even in the heat of summer, and you’ll say, ‘How did that come forth during this heat and destruction?’ Watch how I spring forth new crops this hour, and you will notice seeds from your wreck and your ruin that came up as a fruitful crop!”

In this time of divine reversals and supernatural miracles, continue to speak blessings over seed that you have sown and continue to sow. The Lord is well able to bring forth a fruitful crop! Firstfruits serve as our faith seed for the future.

Isn’t that a good word? God has a plan for every single seed you have sown – none of them will fail to produce His intended harvest. He will make sure of that.

We are continuing to declare God’s blessing over every seed you sow, not only in this ministry, but wherever you sow it. We believe you will see your harvest come to fruition. While many are nervous about the economy and rising prices, we can stay in peace, resting assured that God will take care of His own. He always has – He always will.

Always remember this; Isaac sowed in the land of FAMINE and reaped a hundred-fold in the SAME SEASON. I am believing the same for you and me as God is no respecter of persons.

My friends, stay in peace. Do not allow the chaos to shake you. God has got YOU and YOUR FAMILY. He will watch over His Word concerning YOUR FAMILY and fulfill every single thing He has promised you. He is faithful. You can trust Him, and you can trust His Word.

As always, we appreciate you so very much! So glad we are in covenant together. May we press forward together and see all our promises fulfilled…together.

This month, keep your eyes on God. Worship Him. Expect Big Things! And rest in the truth that it is FINISHED…



Kim Potter

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