It was cold and windy.  The work before me was hard, yet I knew I was right where God wanted me that day.  I knew God had a plan.

I set about the task of helping an older couple split, stack and haul wood to their home.  This task would ensure they had enough heat to keep them warm through the long winter months.

I rolled one of the logs over to the wood splitter and nodded for my uncle to hit the button to split the log.  Once split, I glanced up and asked, “is this small enough?”  He nodded that it was, and we moved on to the next log.

A few moments later, he instructed me to make the next pieces of wood smaller.  He leaned down, he was looking directly into my eyes as he began to speak.  I leaned in to listen over the noise of the splitter.   I sensed he was about to tell me something important.  Little did I know how insightful it would be.

With his nearly eighty years of wisdom he said, “to have a good fire, one that will continue to burn, you need big wood and you need small wood.”

I nodded that I understood and continued working.

For the remainder of that day, I thought about his words.  To have a good fire, one that will continue to burn, you need big wood and small wood.

Later that evening as I thought about the day, the Lord began to speak to me about a fire that will burn continually.

He showed me how, in ministry, the big ministries are important.  They certainly have a part to play.  However, the smaller ministry’s are just as important, as are those in between.  All are needed for the fire of God to continue to burn.  One is just as necessary as the other.

While I don’t consider our ministry a large ministry, I am fully confident that we are doing our part and we are making a difference.

God showed me many years ago the impact made when we touch one life.  For we are not only touching that one life, we are touching that generation. If you can change a life, you can change generations.  That is what we strive for…to minister to the one…or the ten…or the hundred…or the thousand.  In doing so, I know, by God’s grace, we are changing generations.  That excites me.

It’s true we can’t fix the world’s problems.  However, we can help one life at a time.  And to that one life…it is their world.  You just never know the impact you will have on a person.  Only God knows.  For that reason, large or small, we must keep touching people.  We must continue to bless, to minister, to pray and to uplift.  That is how we help keep the fire of God burning across this land.

I don’t know where you find yourself today.  Perhaps you feel small and insignificant.  If so, be encouraged.  There is no small task in God.  It takes little wood and big wood to keep a fire going.  It even takes small pieces of kindling to start the fire.

It doesn’t matter if we are the big wood, the small wood or the kindling.  Either way, we are part of the fire of God.  The fire cannot continue to burn without us.  Therefore, let’s continue to carry His fire to this world.  Let’s continue to touch lives.  Let’s continue to change generations.  Amen?  Amen!  All for the glory of God!



Meditate on this scripture:

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.  Galatians 6:2