This morning I was reminded of something I once heard a doctor say.

He said, “Stress makes it extremely difficult to conceive.”

That day I learned when we are under significant stress, the probability of conception is greatly reduced. I also found that even animals shut down their reproductive functions in times of stress and scarce resources.

While meditating on this insight, God began to speak to me that day.

He said, “It is the same in the Spirit, it is very difficult to conceive when you are in stress, fear or anxiety.  Stress is not the breeding ground for a miracle to be conceived.”

“It is also very difficult to hear My voice when you are in stress or anxious.”  He continued.  “You will hear My voice when you are at peace.  I am not a God of chaos; I am a God of peace.”

I began to think about how stress can be a tool in the enemy’s hand against the people of God. When he attacks, stress comes, anxiety comes, and sometimes fear comes.

When this happens, it becomes very difficult to hear God.

One reason is that instead of seeking God from a place of faith, we are now seeking Him out of desperation.

While stress and anxiety remain, it will be difficult to hear God.  It will also be difficult for you to conceive the miracle you need.

Isn’t it interesting that in many cases reproductive functions shut down during times of stress and scarce resources?

If you are a Christian, on fire for God, the last thing the enemy wants is for you to reproduce.

If he could stop another person from being born again, he would.  But he can’t.  That is, he can’t If we continue spreading the Word of God.  If we continue showing forth the love and freedom that only comes from God.

He desires to shut down your reproductive functions.  He desires to do that through bringing stress and scarce resources into your life.

I realize when attacks come it is extremely difficult to NOT be stressed.  To not feel the pressure of the attack…it IS difficult, but not impossible.

When we know the enemy’s tactics it empowers us to overcome. Therefore, knowing that he is trying to stop us from reproducing by bringing stress, brings empowerment.

The Bible says in Isaiah 26:3 that God will keep us in perfect peace when our mind is stayed upon Him.

I know He does this; I have seen Him do it in my life.  There have been times when I should have had no peace, yet I remained in peace, His peace.  I kept my mind upon God, and He kept me in peace that passed understanding.

It is when we get our mind off God and on to the situation that our peace leaves…when our peace leaves…our miracle and its conception is hindered.

Jesus is our Prince of Peace; God is the author of peace. The Bible says that Jesus gave us HIS peace.  It is a great peace that can endure the cross and come out victorious the other side.  The enemy could not and did not stop Him from reproducing and he can’t stop us either.

It is my prayer for you today that whatever challenge or battle the enemy has brought into your life, you refuse to get your mind on the battle.  Instead keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith.  Always keep your mind stayed upon God and conceive all He has for you.

Pursue peace today, resist stress and anxiety.  It is the enemy’s weapon.  Give it no place.  Lay hold of peace by keeping your mind on God.  In doing so, you will reproduce a great harvest and all to the glory of God.

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