I want to share something with you that happened recently.

I was praying about the ministry for the week, after I prayed I had to run some errands. On the way to run errands, I stopped at our post office to check our mail. I put the key in and attempted to turn the lock, but it wouldn’t turn. I tried my key several times and still, nothing. The post office desk was already closed for the day therefore, all I could do was return to the office and try again the next day.

The next day I was busy working and could not get to the post office. I called the local post office and asked them why our box wouldn’t open.

Once they connected me to the correct person they informed me there was nothing wrong with the box, and suggested I come during regular hours and allow them to help me open it.

A couple more days went by, finally Breanne went to the post office as we were on our way out of town. She grabbed her key and went in and the box opened just fine. As she jumped back into the vehicle the Lord said to me ‘if one key doesn’t work, you simply must try another, until the door opens.’

A few moments later, as we drove out of town, I flipped through the mail opening one letter at a time, thanking God for what was in each envelope.

As it turns out, the answer to my prayer was in that stack of envelopes. As I thanked God for answering my prayer that day, I knew God was encouraging me to never give up when one thing doesn’t seem to work, try another key, because the answer to your prayer may be just on the other side of that door. I knew what He meant when He said ‘if one key doesn’t work, you simply must try another…until the door opens.’

A key is defined as an instrument for shutting or opening a lock, by pushing the bolt one way or the other. Keys are of various forms, and fitted to the wards of the locks to which they belong.

Keys come in various forms, this is true in the natural and in the spirit. God has a key to work in every situation, to open every door, our job is to find the key that fits the door.

I have learned after many years of walking with God that we need to seek God in every situation to discover the key to each particular breakthrough. David didn’t stop asking God what He would have him do just because he killed a giant one time. No, in every situation, in every battle, David sought God for the specific key to victory, so should we.

In my own life, there have been times when my breakthrough came through worship. However, it hasn’t come that way every single time. There have been times when my healing came through communion, and then there have been times when healing came by simply speaking the word of God.

Each time and with each different situation, I stayed in the word and in prayer until God revealed to me the specific key I needed for that breakthrough. And then I did whatever God showed me to do.

The other day, at the post office, God was reminding me…there is a key ALREADY provided for every door we need opened, we only have to use the correct key to gain the access we need AND our miracle may just be on the other side of that door…so never, never give up!

Today, I want to encourage all of you. God has the key to your breakthrough and more than that, He has already provided for YOU, the key to your breakthrough, you only have to seek Him for that key and refuse to give up until the door opens. IT IS ALREADY DONE! IT WAS COMPLETED AT THE CROSS – the KEY BELONGS TO YOU THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.

Sometimes the key of worship will open the door, sometimes the key of declaring the word will open the door for you. Sometimes the key of giving will open the door, especially in finances. Sometimes the key of communion will bring healing and open doors for you, sometimes the prayer of agreement will open the door to the breakthrough…whatever key it may be, there IS a key that will open the door. It is our prayer that you find the right key to open the door for your breakthrough. It is also our prayer that on the other side of that door is your miracle, your breakthrough and the answer to your prayer. May it be so this very season.

I believe God is saying He has a key to open the door you need opened…seek Him for that key.

Prayer for Today: Father, we thank you for everything that was completed at the cross of Christ. We believe you are right now revealing OUR key to breakthrough… I thank you we have ears to hear this word today. For that we give you praise, in Jesus name. Amen.