images (1)Most Christians are familiar with the scripture that says ‘those who know their God shall be strong and carry out exploits.’ Many of us have heard in preached in relation to the mighty things we will do in God. That’s what I always thought it meant, today I decided to dig a little deeper.
I discovered something interesting.

Actually, this chapter is talking about a time when a king would oppose God and the people of God’s covenant; he would lie to them, attempt to deceive them and try to move them off their faith.
I looked at many different translations of this verse and found some to be very interesting; the scripture reference is Daniel 11:32.

One translation reads like this; those who know their God shall be strong and fight back. Remember it is talking about a time when a king has come to try to discourage and lie to God’s people. Those who know God will not fall for these lies but they will fight back. They will not sit quietly and entertain the lies of the devil; they will resist him and fight back.

Many believers make a strong stand in the beginning, their faith is strong, their words are sure – but when this enemy comes they often cower and bow down. These are people of the covenant, those who should know God. It reminds me of the disciples on the boat with Jesus. They had seen Jesus do mighty miracles, they KNEW Him, yet when the storm came the disciples became fearful and cried out ‘don’t you even care about us, we are dying here?’ This is the same thing many Christians will say today if God hasn’t shown up when they thought He should have.

If you ever plan to do great exploits it does not only mean that you will do signs and wonders, it means that when the enemy tries to lie to you and get you to back off what you are praying about, that you will fight back.

Another translation I found interesting said that this king who was coming against the covenant people would applaud those who he convinced to abandon the promise.

You see, that is his whole purpose; to get you to abandon the promise. He knows if you won’t abandon the promise you will see it. His game is to lie and deceive and try to get the people of God to walk away from the promise, to give up on their faith, to decide that they must have missed God all along…this is a lie.

Those who know their God will fight back. They will not buy into the lies, they will fight back – and the key is…those who know their God. Those who KNOW Him.

To know Him means to know by experience, to become acquainted with, to perceive or to recognize God. Do you know Him today? Do you know that He is a good God? Do you know that He will not fail you nor forsake you? Are you one of those who believe the lies of the devil or are you one of those who fight back? I hope you fight back.

This is not the time to waver in your faith. This is the time to fight back. We fight back through prayer and fasting. We fight back with our words of faith. We fight back by refusing the lies of the enemy. We fight back in our giving. We fight back with loving the unlovable – we fight back by believing ONLY what God says. We fight back by casting down every vain imagination and anything that goes against the word of God. We fight back with every breath we take.

Those who know their God will fight back…they will not give into the lies of the enemy, they will be the one who fights back.