Have you found in your own life that waiting on the Lord is not always pleasant? I know I have. Yet the word of God says; those who wait upon the Lord shall inherit the earth.

We recently talked about those who wait, who eagerly watch for the Lord to show up on their behalf and do exactly what He said He would do. As I was studying those scriptures, I came across this scripture and it captured my attention.

Psalm 37:9 says those who wait upon the Lord shall inherit the earth. For many years we have been taught that we have an inheritance. Have you heard that message over and over? Are you walking in that inheritance? If you answered no, you are not alone. A large part of the church is not walking in what we are told is our inheritance.

To inherit the earth does not mean to sit back passively and wait for it to be laid in your lap. In most of our minds we think to inherit something is the same as it is in the natural. Perhaps, someone dies and you inherit their belongings, or whatever they left you in their will. In the earth, you do nothing, it just comes to you. However, that is not what this scripture means.

In this scripture, to inherit means to seize, to take possession of and to occupy.

If we are ever to walk in what God has for us, and please get this straight, it is completely possible to walk in ALL God has for us, then we are going to have to seize it. We are going to have to possess it and occupy it. We are going to have to take it.

The Bible says that the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Let’s look at what that means. For the kingdom of heaven to suffer violence means that there is force being applied there, in other words the enemy is applying force in the hopes that you will be unable to lay hold of what belongs to you.

The word violent in this scripture is not violent as we would call violent. It is referring to a strong people. The strong people take what is theirs. And to take it by force, this means they seize it and carry it off by force.

You see, it is the same as we found in the word inherit. In order for us to walk in all that belongs to us from God, we are going to have to seize it and possess it and occupy it. We have to take it. How do we do that?

With the word of God and the name of Jesus. Nothing is more powerful, more alive than the word of God. As we apply the word of God to our situation, things will change. What is meant to be our inheritance will begin to make its way to us. And, we have been given all power and all authority in the name of Jesus, when we apply that name, the enemy must bow.

Frankly, His name, that precious name, Jesus, has been on my mind all week. I have sang songs of ‘how precious is that name’ the entire week.
I believe that God has great things for you and for me. I believe that if God showed us how big our inheritance from Him really is, we would have a hard time grasping it. His ways are so much higher than ours and what He has for us is always so much better than we could imagine for ourselves. He paid a high price for what He gave us, it must be of great value, don’t you think?

I encourage you today to seize, lay hold of, take possession of and occupy all that belongs to you. Don’t allow the force of the enemy to hold one thing back. It’s all yours, take it. Don’t stop until you do. As I said recently; don’t settle for less when your heart is crying out for more. I truly believe when that we sense in our heart what God has in store for us, sometimes we are afraid to believe it is really that big, but it really is.

That’s the God we serve.

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