“Great peace have those who love Your law and nothing causes them to stumble.” Psalm 119:165
Last night as I was driving I began to think about being led by peace. I began to recall the few times I had found myself in a situation I no longer had peace about. There were a couple times I went against that peace, by that I mean, although I didn’t have peace about it, I did it anyway. In those times it was because there were other people involved and I felt the pressure of the other people and their opinions.

But I only did that a couple times and it has been years ago. I have since learned that when I don’t have peace about something; I stop. I don’t continue to move forward thinking it will be okay; to me that is not wisdom.

I am sure you have found yourself in similar situations; you set yourself to do something and suddenly you don’t have a good feeling about it; but you have already begun and perhaps you have already made plans; yet you suddenly don’t have peace. What do you do? You stop. That is the spirit of God prompting you that something is wrong – do override it. If you do you will find yourself in a mess you have a hard time getting out of and you will have gotten in it all by yourself.

I found myself in a situation once, several years ago; it looked and sounded like a wonderful thing, a business opportunity and it looked straight from God. Everyone kept telling me that it was wonderful and I should jump on it. Even Christian leaders told me to go for it. It did look and sound good in the beginning. Then one day after several meetings, when I was talking to him on the phone, suddenly I didn’t have peace about it. I didn’t know why, I just simply didn’t have peace. So, I told him I would have to have a few days and I would call him back. During those few days, the truth was revealed about this person.

God’s people are led by peace. Therefore, they should be stopped by their lack of peace.

I have heard so many stories about people being attacked who would said ‘I had a funny feeling about going that way.’ But they went anyway and were attacked.

You see, what we do when we don’t have peace is, we try to figure it out. If it doesn’t make sense to the natural mind, we ignore that prompting of the spirit of God because it doesn’t make sense.

Spiritual things don’t always make sense in the natural, don’t try to figure it out in the natural, trust your spirit or better yet, trust the Spirit of God in you.

More often than not, when we go against our peace it is because there are people involved and we don’t want to disappoint them or we don’t want to make them angry. However, if God is saying ‘don’t go that way’ then don’t go. Don’t put man’s opinion before God. Trust that as you obey God, He will work it out for both of you.

I can’t count the times that my daughter has asked me about something she wanted to do and I would pray about it and go back to her and say ‘I don’t have peace about it.’ She would say ‘why?’ And I would say ‘I don’t know, I just don’t have peace about it.’ That’s all I know at the time, I wish I knew more but most of the time I don’t. Yet I have learned to trust that alone.

For my daughter, there were a couple times she would go forward anyway, when I didn’t have peace. And that was her choice to make but she too has learned the same lesson we all do, follow peace, if there is no peace, turn around and go another way. I now see her telling me ‘Mom, I just don’t have peace about it.’

When you learn to be led by peace, you will avoid most bad situations, when you simply heed that little voice on the inside telling you ‘don’t go that way.’

When we are led by the spirit of God, He will not lead us somewhere that will cause harm. He will not lead us into danger. He will give us a warning to go another way. And this principle works in the most simple things.

Most of the time, it is that still small voice and a gentle nudging of the spirit. If we follow it, we will be able to remain in peace in all things, if we go against it, we will suffer the consequences of that decision.

Being led by peace is a powerful tool. Trust yourself. Trust the God in you. Stay tuned to His voice and if you don’t have peace about a situation, trust that and stop, God will lead you beside still waters and in peaceful places, listen, and you will hear that still, small voice.

I choose to follow peace and allow peace to rule in my heart, my prayer is that you do the same. May peace be multiplied to you today and may you hear His voice and feel His prompting more than ever before.

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