Could it be a shift has taken place in the Spirit and it is time to lengthen your stride? Could it be?

This morning when I awoke, something was different, I knew there had been a shift in the Spirit and then the Lord reminded me of something that once took place with my Mom.

Let me explain; last spring, I began going to a walking track with my Mom. Mom is 76 years young and wanted to get in better shape for her upcoming high school reunion. She asked me to start walking with her and I agreed.

“Now Kim” she said, “we can’t dilly dally, we have to have a fast pace…”

I just laughed and agreed.

As we began to walk, I noticed my pace was much faster than hers, so I slowed down a bit to her pace and we had an enjoyable two-mile walk.

The next morning, I had to take Bryson to school which is beside another walking track. I decided to go walk after I dropped him off, thinking it would help me get in the habit of walking each day. It wasn’t near as fun alone, but I began my walk.

Just when I thought, “geez…this is not fun”, the Lord spoke to me and said, “lengthen your stride.”

I glanced down at the long track ahead of me and lengthened my stride.

Immediately I noticed a change. It felt good. The stretch felt good and I was gaining ground quickly. Before I knew it, I was done with the walk.  And boy did that feel good.

Later in the afternoon I was re-reading some archived teachings and read this paragraph:

Paul didn’t stop by simply saying to not look back. He went on to say that after he refused to look back, he pressed forward into all God had for him. But he didn’t stop there – he said once he refused to look back and pressed forward – he even lengthened his stride.  

As I studied this phrase, I found that to lengthen your stride means to make your steps even longer and bigger, in doing so you will cross more distance quicker. This is good! This means as we lengthen our stride, it will hasten our arrival at our destiny. That’s a good word.  Yet as I dug more into this phrase, it got even better. I discovered that as you lengthen your stride you go farther with fewer steps. Aha…you work smarter not harder. I love the sound of that. It said that lengthening your stride will have a large impact on your success; it will also improve flexibility, strength and power.

I believe the Lord is saying to us today, it is time to LENGTHEN OUR STRIDE. He wants us to arrive at our destination NOW. Even more than we do. This all goes along with the Kairos moment we are in, the divine timing of the Lord.

He wants us to go farther with fewer steps. He wants us to gain flexibility, strength and power. He wants us to go all the way to the end. He is speaking…let’s lengthen our stride!

I don’t know about you, but I love how often God is speaking during this season, how He is encouraging and empowering us to press forward into all He has for us. I love how He is making sure we do not miss His timing and His appointed season. As for me and my house, we will lengthen our stride and press in even more. How about you?


Meditate on this:

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 3:14



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