images-5I received a note the other day from one of our readers and she was recommending a song to me. The title of the song caught my attention and I have thought about it since. It was titled ‘Let the Word Do the Work.’

Many times, as Christians, we try to make things happen. While, it is important to spend time in prayer, it is vital to say what we want to see. It is true that fasting should be a part of our life, as the Lord leads. It is imperative that we worship God on a daily basis. All these things are necessary, but at the end of the day there is one thing left to do…let the word do the work.

It’s time we realize that if we have applied and spoken the word of God over a situation, and if we have done all we know to do, that is all we can do. Now we must simply trust God and trust that His word will not fail. We must do as the Bible says ‘having done all….stand therefore.’

Remember when Jesus cursed the fig tree? How did He curse it? He said ‘let no fruit grow on you ever again.’ He cursed it with the word He spoke. Now, after He spoke what He wanted to see happen, He did nothing else. He did not take an ax and go back and chop it down. He didn’t go and dig it up. He spoke the word of God and then He simply let the word do the work.

When we learn to do that, life will be much simpler and we will struggle much less, that is a big part of entering into the rest of God.

When Jesus spoke to the fig tree, even He didn’t see results that very moment, but He did eventually see results. He saw exactly what He said. I can assure you that He didn’t go back to the fig tree that night and pace back and forth and say ‘I spoke the word and it’s not working, I don’t know what else to do, I thought if I spoke the word it would surely die but nothing happened, it’s still growing, it even looks worse now.’

No, He did not. He spoke the word and then let the word do the work, as should we.
Sometimes, it takes a period of time for the word to do the work. I don’t know why. It almost seems to me like it is similar to filling up a glass. We pray and part of the glass begins to fill. We keep speaking the word and it becomes fuller, then one day it bursts over and we see our answer.

In my personal life I have had a situation very dear to my heart that I have been praying about for months, actually almost a year. At first it consumed me. I couldn’t sleep for thinking about it. I prayed all the time but my prayer was not faith based (knowing the word would work) my prayers at that time were more of desperation. That is not a good way to pray, we should always pray in faith.

One day, a particular thing happened that was just too much and I began to add fasting to my prayer. This accomplished many things. First of all, I stopped praying from a desperate place of needing an answer. My prayers became more focused and spirit led. I would pray and fast and the enemy would say ‘it’s not working, it’s getting worse.’ But I would not listen. I would not speak what he was saying. I kept praying and fasting. One day the Lord spoke to me and told me how it was going to take place, how I would see my prayer manifested. He showed me what would happen first and then the rest would follow.

I held fast to that and I told no one. When I would hear something the opposite, I would stand fast on what God had said and speak the word. I did not allow myself to worry about it, even though it was very personal and tugged at my heart. I knew I couldn’t allow my heart to guide me, I had to be led by my spirit. I kept speaking the word. I kept fasting and praying. I kept on declaring what God had said is what I would see.
Eventually, we saw results, amazing results. For the past two nights, I couldn’t sleep, not because I was worried about anything, but because I couldn’t sleep for lying awake telling God how thankful I am for what He has done.

I have seen the manifestation that God showed me concerning my prayer, it has actually come to pass just as He said. How? The word did the work. I kept speaking the word and the word only. I didn’t listen to the enemy and I certainly didn’t give power to anything he said by speaking it out of my mouth, I simply let the word do the work, and it did. I spoke what I wanted to see and I walked on, forcing myself to believe that God would do what He said He would do and guess what? He did!