Let’s Give Jesus

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.
Proverbs 19:17 (NIV)

I felt led of the Lord to share our Monday at the ministry with you, especially with our partners. I want you to know…you have a reward coming.

The day began as normal. Answering emails. Preparing budgets. Working on the following days’ motivations. Sending our weekly prayer to our faithful partners. Nothing was out of the ordinary.

As I glanced at our phone, I noticed we had a message. I grabbed the phone and checked messages. Since the message had come in on Saturday, I expected it to be a solicitor. Most people know we are not in the office on the weekends.

To my surprise it was a message from an older man. He said, “The veterans administration gave me your phone number, I hesitated about calling, but I just got out of the hospital. I am a veteran. I am on oxygen and can’t leave my house. I have been out of food for a couple days. Can you help me?”

My heart sank. I thought, “oh my word, this man has gone without food for four days!” I quickly gave the phone number to Breanne and instructed her to call and find out what kind of food he wanted. There was no answer.

For a couple hours we tried desperately to reach this man. We called the Veterans Administration but they didn’t have an address. We called our local police department, they did not know him. We were hitting block after block trying to reach him. I stepped away from my desk and prayed. I ask God to help us find this man. Finally, an officer we had called found him. He confirmed what the man had said, he was indeed, in need of food. He asked only for a few cans of food and some bread.

School is out right now, so the kids were at the office. I called them into my office and told then what was going on and ask if they wanted to help us take him food. They both jumped at the opportunity to help this man.

Off we went to the grocery store. Bryson said, “Nana, he said just a few cans of food and bread.” I replied, “Buddy, that’s not how we do things, we will buy for him what we would want for ourselves.” Those two kids packed the buggy down with food from every aisle. I loved how excited they were to give.

We loaded the groceries, paper products and everything else we could think of and headed toward his house.

This man was so humbled at what we gave that he wouldn’t even look us in the eye. He was frail, and hungry, and kind. My heart broke for him. We delivered the groceries and started to leave when I turned back around.

“May I pray for you?” I asked. “Yes, please.” He responded. I took his hand. As I took his hand, he dropped his head and wept uncontrollably. The presence of God overshadowed us both. It was so very humbling to me.

I walked back to the vehicle, Bre and the kids were in the car already. They were not done yet. This man had a couple dogs, although I am not a dog person, Bre and Bryson are. They said, “we are going to get him some dog food.” Off we went again. Breanne got a huge bag of dog food. Bryson came out with doggie snacks that he bought with his own money. By this time, I too, was weepy. We all were.

As we headed back to the office after delivering dog food, the Lord spoke the scripture to me from Proverbs 19:17. I had His word, His RHEMA, spoken word over this act of kindness. There is a reward for what took place today…and that reward belongs to you, our partners. It is your faithfulness that enables us to do such things…so thank you!

This was a good day. This man was blessed beyond measure. I was able to pray for him. He received my prayer – that much was obvious. My grandkids learned another valuable lesson. It was a good day. Our God is good.

I don’t know why I felt led to share this with you – but I did. God is love. We should love. And not only in word…but in deed as well.
Let His love shine through us. Breanne said it best as we left his driveway. She said, “If this gives him Jesus, that’s more than enough for me.” I agree. Let’s give Jesus…in word…and in deed… may our good works bring glory to God at all times…may HIS love be seen in us, each and every day.

Meditate on this:

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25

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