dandelion seeds and girl

I received an email last week from one of our partners. She shared a testimony with me about how she finished April much stronger than she began. She shared how God had blessed her and her husband through a series of events and how He began to restore what had been stolen from her and her husband. It was an awesome testimony…however, what impacted me the most is what she said at the very end of the testimony.

She said ‘My spouse had to release the old so God could restore everything he lost with his panel truck.’

This statement impacted be because God had been dealing with me about this very thing all week long, letting go of the old, so that I could lay hold of the new. It seems like that would be an easy thing to do but it isn’t always an easy thing for me.

I had a situation last week where I could not stop trying to fix an appliance that wasn’t working. I, along with a friend, worked on this thing for two days. We searched for parts, checked everything we could and everything checked out good and that it was a good part, but it still didn’t work. I thought I was standing firm in faith that it would be fixed while all the while I believe God was trying to get me to let it go and make room for the new.

Holding on is easy for me….letting go…not so much. And I always think about Lot’s wife when I find myself in these situations. We can’t hold on to the past and reach for the future at the same time. We must let go of one or the other.

Lot’s wife could not stop looking back and it kept her from moving forward…forever. She died looking back. She died holding on to what was behind her.

Why do we do that? Why is it so hard to release and let go? I have no idea but I know it is one thing I battle with.

I truly believe we are in a season, a SPRING season, where the new is bursting forth all around us, will we lay hold of the new or will we stay stuck in the past that we know. The past that we are familiar with, where we are comfortable?

Change is not always easy but change must come. If you are praying for, desiring change, what is standing in your way? Do you know? Is there something in your life that God has prompted you to let go of? Are you afraid to let go because you are not sure what will take its place. Are you afraid to walk away from what is comfortable to lay hold of the new way before you? New paths can be scary. But remember, God has already laid out the way before you – He has gone before you and made the crooked places straight. He will not leave you nor forsake you. He will guide you every step of the way. He is not leading you out to destroy you. He is leading you out to take you to a place of rich fulfillment.

I don’t know why, but I feel this is speaking to a particular person, if that is you, know that God is good and He has a great plan for your life, a plan to give you a future and a hope. Do not be afraid. He is with you.

Friends, whatever new thing you are believing God for…let go of the old thing, so that you can grab hold of the new thing with both hands. Let go and lay hold….and do it quickly.