A few years ago, Breanne and her husband took the kids on a trip to Gatlinburg. They had a blast! Bryson was still very small at the time; he was only four or five years old. It was all very exciting to him.

One thing he had always wanted to do was fly. While on their trip, they found a place that had indoor skydiving. Bryson wanted to fly desperately, but his mom thought he was too small. One night she called and said that Brandon wanted to let Bryson fly, but she wasn’t sure because he was so little. I responded, “Bre, Bryson has always said he could fly, I never want him to think he can’t, let him fly.” So, she allowed him to try skydiving in a safe environment. That day, just as he always wanted to do, he flew. A few days after they returned home, she and I were talking about their trip. She was bragging on Bryson and how well he did.

She said the instructor told the people that it was entirely up to them how high they would fly. It was totally dependent on two things.

  1. Their ability to listen to instructions.
  2. How well they obeyed the instruction.

He said, if they did those two things they could fly as high as they wanted to.

As I was thinking about this today, I thought of something I once heard a minister share. He said there were two steps to a miracle. He went on the say, the first step was hearing from God or listening to God. The second step was doing whatever God said to do.

The ability to listen and obey. These are the two requirements whether one is flying in the natural or in the spirit. We must first hear from God. Listen to what He says to us. Then, obey. The question is, how high will you fly? Or how big will you believe?

In God there are no limits. Just as with skydiving, how high you fly is entirely up to you.

There will be no limits in the wholeness Jesus will bring you. (Is 9:7, Message Bible)

His government and peace will have unlimited growth. (Is 9:7, GW)

God’s people will enjoy unlimited peace. (Ps 37:11, GW)

Your children shall have unlimited peace. (Is 54:13, GW)

As we see, throughout the Bible, there are no limits in God. It is entirely up to you how high you fly.  The degree of anointing you walk in is up to you. You only have to be able to receive instruction and obey, if you do these two things you can fly as high as you choose.

Your finances are also up to you. Again, all you have to do is listen and obey. God has given us instruction for prosperity in His Word. If you do what the Word of God says concerning finances, things will change, increase will come.

I am reminded of a time in my life when my finances changed drastically. Although it has now been many years ago, I think of it often. At the time, I was not making enough money to live on. I began to seek God about what I should do as I knew I was working for the ministry He had led me to. God’s plan for me seemed so ridiculous. He instructed me to begin to tithe off what I wanted to make, instead of what I was making. It seemed impossible. Yet, I knew I had heard from God. I listened, and I obeyed. Guess what happened? Every single week, God caused the amount of money I was tithing on to come into my hands. It was an amazing way to live. I lived that way for many years.

What I am doing even this day is a testimony. Let me explain. I wanted to work a job where I could spend all my time with God. A place where I could stay in the Word of God daily. A place where I could stop and worship whenever I wanted to. Again, I prayed and sought the Lord. God led me to sow a seed for that job, it was a big seed to me at the time. But I did it. That was almost thirty years ago now. I have worked with the Word of God daily. I pray and worship whenever I want. I am living off the harvest of the seed I sowed that day – and I have lived off the harvest of that one seed for decades.

God has a way to change things in your life. They will only happen if you seek His face, listen to what He says and obey.

Your anointing limit is up to you. Your financial limit is up to you. Your health limit is up to you. God has done everything He needs to do to make sure all the right resources are available for your success. What is our part? Listen to instruction and obey.

How high do you choose to fly today? It is entirely up to you. Simply listen and be faithful to obey

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