spring with snow capped mountain

I was having a conversation with my Mom and she shared with me how a friend of hers said he only prays about the big things. I thought that was so odd, but then I realized many people feel that way, they don’t ‘bother’ God for the small things…not me!

I remember years ago I was working for Norvel Hayes Ministries. My first job with him was working in the bookstore. One day his daughter came and ask me to try to get into a computer that she was unable to access. You see, they had fired the head of the publications department. The woman was not happy therefore she had put a password on the computer and no one could get into it. The publications couldn’t go out and they couldn’t access the mailing list, which was vital to them. They had, apparently had several people try, and finally they came to me.

At that time, I knew NOTHING, less than nothing about computers. I had no idea how to get into it but I said I would give it my best. The first day I tried all I knew…by the end of that day I knew it was beyond what I knew, so I began to pray and ask God to show me how to get into it. Then I prayed in the spirit. I prayed in the spirit for three days over this computer, at the end of the third day, I got in!

I think I probably pray over many things that ordinary people would simply do it a more practical way. I have seen God move in many ways as I pray for small things. Once I prayed over a car I had. I was in another city and it died on me, it wouldn’t keep running. It was late at night and I had to get home therefore I prayed and spoke to that car to run for over an hour and it got me home – it never ran again after that, but it got me home.

When I have something heavy to move and it is just me, I pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help me lift it. He ALWAYS does. The Bible tells me that he is my helper and I call on his help often.

There have been many times that Breanne has a problem with software and asks for my help. I still know very little about computers, but I do know how to pray, and every time, if I will pray long enough, God will show me how to fix it.

I pray about everything. Philippians 4:6 says; Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.

God says in ‘everything’ pray and go to God…in everything…not just the big things. If we pray over the little things and we do so daily, the big things will come around less often AND we will have cultivated a life of prayer.

Prayer shouldn’t be something we do when a disaster comes our way – it should be a lifestyle. You don’t only talk to your spouse when you have a problem do you? Or your children? No, then it shouldn’t be that way with God either. Our life should be a life of prayer.

Prayer is simply talking to God, asking for his help, requiring his input, that can only be a good thing. Prayer doesn’t have to be super spiritual, down on your knees, crying out to God, all the time, mostly for me, it is a lifestyle of talking to God.

I want you to take a moment and think about those ‘little’ things in your life that you can’t quite figure out, those simple things that you think are too small to ask God about…those things…now, pray and ask him to show you the answer for them. He will.

The Bible says we have not because we ask not. Don’t just use God as someone to go to when there is no one else, don’t just pray when you face an impossible situation or a devastating one, instead go to God daily, with the big stuff and with the small stuff. Pray about every little thing. Oh I know, most people say you don’t have to pray about every little thing. I disagree, I pray or I TALK TO GOD about every little thing. You would be amazed at how many bumps in the road I avoid by doing this…try it…I know you will be glad you did.