While I was listening to the Word of God, a scripture, that I have heard a million times, jumped in my spirit.

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

We have all heard this scripture, I am sure. But I wonder how often we think of it, or meditate on it?

The word life in this scripture means…

  • The state of one who is possessed of vitality
  • The absolute fulness of life
  • Life real and genuine, a life active and vigorous, (among them a more perfect body)
  • The life of God

Jesus came for THIS reason. To give us a life of vitality. Absolute fullness of life. The same life that God has in heaven, including a more perfect body.

There are literally thousands of scriptures in the Bible, many promises God has given His people. There is certainly a scripture to cover any physical, mental, or financial problem we have encountered. That being said, if we could lay hold of and gain revelation of this particular scripture until it becomes a part of us, it would be life changing. It promises us the life of God in every aspect of our life – including our bodies.

But He doesn’t even stop there. The Bible says Jesus came that we might have this life MORE ABUNDANTLY.

The word abundantly means…

  • Superabundant
  • Excessive
  • Advantage
  • Exceedingly abundantly, supremely
  • Extraordinary, surpassing, uncommon
  • Superiority, advantage, more eminent, more remarkable, more excellent

Jesus came that you might have a life that is excessive, extraordinary, super abundant and that you have more advantage than you ever thought possible. Isn’t that amazing!!!

Friends, we need to lay hold of this one scripture. It is one we must declare over our life and the life of our family every single day. THIS IS THE REASON JESUS CAME.

Type it out – put it on the fridge. Put it on your bathroom mirror. Put it before your face so that you see it in whatever room you are in.

Declare and confess it until it becomes a part of you. Even more than that, declare and confess it until you begin to see this life manifest in your life. Proclaim it until you see the advantages you have. Until you see super abundant provision from God. Until you have a more perfect body. What I am saying is, “Declare it until you see every single thing Jesus died to give you manifest right before your eyes.”

The Word of God is alive and powerful and will produce all it is sent to produce. Live the life Jesus died to give you – and begin today – with this very scripture.

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